Hamilton, Ontario – Hamilton Beach Manufactufing Industries

We have now leached a point in this brief article when it can Le truly said that we have arrived at the central point around which the prosperity of the entire community revolves, viz., her manufacturing industries. No other Canadian city has won for itself the industrial celebrity that Hamilton has attained as the hub of the manufacturing district of Ontario, a place within the memory of living man transformed from the wilds of the forest into that of the busy hive of industrial production. It has called forth the favorable comparisons with the world’s greatest workshops in the English midlands. This may seem presumptuous, but it is not al-together unwarranted. Hamilton resembles the older and larger hive of industry in its thrifty application of skill an.] capital to widely diversify industrial operations. This has been one of her strong distinguishing characteristics for the last generation, and more particularly during the closing years of the 19th century, when American capital first began to understand and appreciate the rapid development which will take place in Canada during the next few years and the establishment of branch factories in Canada in order to meet the rapidly growing trade has become imperative. We may state incidentally in passing that Hamilton has more branches of American corporations operating in her midst than all the other cities of the Province combined.

In 1902 what was then known as the Deering Harvester Company, and which has now merged into the International Harvester Co., recognizing the immense demand there would be for harvesting machinery in the Northwest Province, and also for the British colonies across the seas, they decided to establish a plant in Canada for the manufacture of their products. After a careful and thorough investigation of the entire Canadian field, the directors came to the unanimous decision that there was but one place in Canada in which to locate their works, and that place was Hamilton. They immediately set to work to acquire land for that purpose, and they have now upon the bay front one hundred and twenty-five acres, which in the course of the next three years will be covered entirely by their immense buildings and will represent the investment of capital up in the millions. No pen picture can give an adequate idea of the immensity of their plant, the smallest of their buildings in length more than an ordinary street block, while the largest at present is three times that length, being 1,070 feet in length. and is but one-half of what they will ultimately be. There are many other industries that we could add to this, but as it is the intention to append to this a list of all the manufacturers in Hamilton, and giving the nature of their product, Re do not deem it expedient at this time to mention them. There are about 300 manufacturing establisminents, large and small, with equipments for the increasing demand for cheap and successful products that has sprung up so within her limits during the latter part of the 19th century. Her increasing work shops have steadily added to the population and have increased her wealth ; no branch of industry is left altogether unrepresented. Her factories are equipped with the latest labor saving devices to minimize the cost of production, maintaining a total output of metal, wood and leather industries, textile fabrics, glassware, pottery and clothing, etc. The curing and packing of meats, the canning of fruits and vegetables is also carried on with the most advantageous methods peculiar to the western side of the Atlantic.

Within the past twelve or fifteen years great interest has been taken in the development of the mineral resources in Northern Ontario, where iron ore is found in abundance. In 1892 a smelter was built In Hamilton and has been in constant operation ever since with a capacity of about 200 tons per day. A few years ago there w as added to that a steel mill, and at the present time they are making additions and alterations to this to the extent of two hundred thousand dollars.