Hamilton, Ontario – Hamilton And Barton Incline Along Bay Front Shipping Facilities

Hamilton’s geographical position at the head of Lake Ontario affords the best shipping facilities to the Northwest Provinces and European markets by water, while her railway facilities are not excelled by any city in the Dominion. The Grand Trunk Railway System (the Southern, Northern and Northwestern Railways converge at this point), the C. P. R., the Toronto, Hamilton RE Buffalo, the Michigan Central and New York Central connect here, and the Lehigh Valley comes over the Grand Trunk Railway tracks. She has also become a centre of a complete electric railway system. Hamilton and Dundas Railway reaches out to the town of Dundas about five miles to the west. The Hamilton, Grimsby and Beamsville Electric Railway travels to the east through a country that for years has been known as the “Fruit Garden of Canada.” carrying one through one of the grandest fruit belts in this or any other land, a distance of twenty-eight miles. People from all parts of the world have come to visit this place and view the great garden in all its glory. About one million dollars’ worth of fruit is shipped annually from this place, greater portion of it passing through the City of Hamilton. The Hamilton Radial Electric Railway leaving Hamilton by the northeast and skirting the bay shore until the Beach is reached, then crossing and passing between the handsome villa residences that have been erected by the citizens of Hamilton, to the present terminus in the pretty little village of Burlington, ten miles from the City of Hamilton.

There is also projected at present the Hamilton Ind Caledonia Electric Railway, which will in all probability be completed within the next two years, a distance of thirty-seven miles, and having its terminus at Selkirk. Lake Erie. There is also being projected an electric line to reach out to the towns of Guelph, Gait and I?erlin, a distance of about sixty miles. It is expected that this will be completed and in operation in the near future, and in addition to these there are nineteen miles of street railway within the city.