Hamilton, Ontario – Gore Park Fire Department

Hamilton has one of the most efficient fire departments in the Dominion, and it has reached that state of effectiveness that almost borders on absolute performances in some directions have gained for it a continental reputation. There are three stations in the centre of the city and four in the ontlying districts, so situated as to be able to arrive at the scene of conflagration within a few minutes after the alarm has been given. Alarms are sent through a system of electric fire alarm boxes and also through the Gamewell Police Call system, stations of which are scattered all over the city ; the majority of calls, however, come through the telephone system. The department consists of fifty men, and these stations are all equipped with the most approved fire fighting apparatus.

The City of Hamilton is noted as being one of the most law-abiding cities on the continent, and a police force of fifty men is found amply sufficient to preserve the peace at all times. In the year 1845 the Board of Trade was established in Hamilton. and that body since its inception has exercised a salutary influence over the mercantile affairs of the city, and it has always been on the alert to promote the construction of railways, canals and other works for opening up the resources and trade of the country.