Hamilton, Ontario – City Hospital

The City Hospital, situated on the corner of Barton street and Victoria avenue, covers about five acres of ground, upon which there are erected eight buildings. One of these was built to commemorate the jubilees of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, being furnished throughout by philanthropic citizens. We are under the impression that this is the only institution of its kind that is supported entirely by the municipality, the public wards being free to citizens who through force of circumstances are placed in such a position to require medical care and attention and who are not in a position to pay for it. There are also some private and semi-private wards for which small sun-is are charged. There has been a training school for nurses in connection with the establishment for the past twelve years ; it has at present thirty-one pupil nurses. The course of training is over three ears, with yearly examinations. Lectures are given throughout the sessions by the visiting physicians, lady principal, etc., on the following subjects : Surgery, Medicine, Physiology, Anatomy, Hygiene, Materia-Medica, Midwifery, Gynaecology, Dietics, Diseases of Children. The whole is under the guiding hand of a body of responsible citizens who constitute the Board of Hospital Governors.