Hamilton, Ontario – At Dundurn Public Parks

The Park system is very complete, Dundurn Castle and Park being the principal and most beautiful public resort in the city. The ruins of the stone breastwork built in the troublous times of 1812 by Mr. Beasley may still be seen in the western part overlooking the bay, when the Americans undertook to annex Canada, but were held back and repulsed at Stoney Creek. There are nine parks more or less developed. They cover an extent of about ninety-six acres, and are named as follows : Dundurn, 32 acres; Victoria. 22 acres ; Harvey, 8 acres ; Hamilton, 4 acres ; Woodlands, 16 acres ; North End, 12 acres : Wellington, Beulah and Gore Parks.

During the summer season weekly band concerts are given in the Gore Park, which Is brilliantly illuminated with thousands of electric lights, presenting a beautiful appearance, the lights being festooned from branch to branch and from tree to tree, and the effect upon a stranger is as a vision from fairyland.