Quebec – Cap Rouge the First French Colony in Canada

ALL that is beautiful, all that is picturesque of Cap Rouge and its approaches will soon be laid under the despoiling hands of the railroads that are to cross the valley on a great steel viaduct in order to reach the bridge over the St. Lawrence River. Before the tragedy is enacted let us glance […]

Quebec – At the Mekinac

THE “Ancient and Honorable,” the Commodore and, I were guests of that well known veteran of the American War. Capt. G. W. Batchelder of Boston, at his beautiful camp on Lake Chateau some eighteen miles from Grande Piles on the St. Maurice River. We had reached there after a day of journeying from Quebec with […]

Quebec – When the Habitant Weds and Old Customs Still Prevail

WHEN old Narcisse had deposited the tinette of butter in the hangard, made all the polite inquiries as to the health of the various members of the family, had swallowed his coup of whiskey blanc with many declarations of approval of the quality of that liquor as a throat scratcher, (grate la gorge), he then, […]

Quebec – The Maid of the Mountain

IT HAD been a long day on the Jacques Cartier River. We had run it in my canoe from far up among the mountains down into the valley where it ceases to fret and foam, and an occasional clearing on the bank indicated the pioneers’ struggle for foothold on the land. I had fished the […]

Quebec – The Maid of the Mountain – Pt. 2

About the middle of the winter that followed, a messenger from one of the hospitals came to me and said that an Indian by the name of Charlo, who was a patient in the institution, suffering from frozen feet wished to see me. I answered the summons at once, and found my quondam companion of […]

Quebec – Some Quebec Bird Notes

WHEN the inexorable railroad laid its hands on our old home ” Ravenscliffe, ” Cap Rouge, where for sixteen years we had browsed among the wild birds and wild flowers from spring until late autumn, and in winter followed on snowshoes the trail of the red deer, the fox, loup cervier, hare and partridge, we […]

Quebec – An Old Seignorial Deed

IN searching through some old family papers recently I came upon a deed, a grant of land (en seigneurie) by the commissioners for the Jesuit estates in the County of Quebec, to an officer late of the 60th Rifles. It is dated the 14th of February, 1821. The conditions of this grant under the old […]

Honorary Grand Chief Of Huron Tribe

To G. M. Fairchild, Jr., Esq., the Worshipful and Sporting Mayor of Cap Rouge, Honored Sir: I am much gratified at reading, in one of our city papers, that in the list of attractions for the coming week your name appears next to that of an exalted personage as likely to receive an honor not […]

Quebec – Mr. Dawson-Watson

DAWSON-WATSON who is well-known in Quebec, where for several years he plied his art both in landscape and portraiture, has recently accepted an important appointment as one of the principal instructors in the great school of painting and handicrafts at St. Louis. Mr. Watson left Quebec with regret—and regretted. His more recent Canadian pictures have […]

Where Military and Sporting Rifles are Made

IT WAS Lieut. Col. E. Wurtele who courteously offered to conduct us over the Ross Rifle factory. It was Mr. Henry Bock, the able Superintendent, and Mr. W. O. Baines, of the staff, who brought our visit to a delightful close, by kindly suggesting some off hand shooting with the Ross rifle, that we might […]