Port Hope, Canada – 1813 And In 1826

DESCRIPTIONS of Port Hope as it appeared in 1813 and in 1826 have been handed down to the present day and, in placing them before the readers of this book, it was considered as probably the best mode of tracing the growth of the Town, if its aspect at various dates were portrayed consecutively. Already […]

Port Hope, Canada – Municipal Life

It first became a definite corporation in 1797, when Messrs. Smith and Walton laid out a village plot beside the creek. Its name then and for several years subsequent thereto, was Smith’s Creek and under that designation a post office was established in 1817. But meantime the use of the name Toronto had begun to […]

Port Hope, Canada – Political Connections

The history of Port Hope would be complete without some account of its connection with the political institutions of the country and so, while this chapter may scarcely be considered as dealing directly with the life of the Town, it is rendered necessary by the foregoing consideration. Port Hope was originally situated in the District […]

Port Hope, Canada – The Harbour

THOUGH Port Hope was constituted a port of entry as early as 1819, no effort was made to secure harbour or wharf accommodation until 1829. In that year was incorporated the Port Hope Harbour and Wharf Company. According to the terms of its Charter the Company was bound ” to construct a harbour which should […]

Port Hope, Canada – Steam Navigation

The maritime flavor contained in the name, ” Port Hope,” obviously demands that some attention should be paid to the shipping interests of the Town. Already in the preceding chapter, the development of the Harbour from its diminutive beginnings to its present goodly proportions has been traced out and it accordingly becomes the aim of […]

Port Hope, Canada – Tales Of The Early Days

The abundance of game and fish in those early days can only be conjectured from the tales of the pioneers. Myndert Harris was the great hero of the chase and to him are attributed the two following feats. Coming up the shore from Gage’s Creek one day, he came upon a fine buck, standing out […]

Port Hope, Canada – Biographical

AMONG the numerous gentlemen who have taken a prominent share in the public affairs of the Town, there are two in particular, distinguished by especial virtues, whose names should not be omitted in this volume. These are the late Thomas Benson and the late William Craig. The former gentleman was born at Fintona, Ireland, Jan. […]

Port Hope, Canada – The Old Boys’ Celebration Of 1901

THE idea of entertaining ” old boys and girls ” in the home of their youth can scarcely be considered a novelty, but yet it may be justly claimed that no Canadian town has before entered into the project to such an extent and with such a measure of success as Port Hope. The opportunity […]

Port Hope, Canada – Primitive Port Hope

IT is possibly safe to say that a large proportion of the interest of travellers’ tales centres in the description of lands visited and people encountered, rather than in the actual adventures of the narrator. Recognizing this principle it would seem appropriate at this juncture to assume the view-point of the pioneer and look on […]

Port Hope, Canada – Trinity College School

EVEN at this comparatively early date in its history, Trinity College School has become an institution of note all over the world, whilst its renown has been reflected in some measure on the Town in which its imposing building stands. Known to fame as the ” Eton of Canada,” it possesses school-boy traditions and associations […]