Oshawa, Ontario – The Hospital

It is fair to presume that even in the day of Dr. McGill and Dr. Rae, the medical fraternity began to have dreams of a hospital for the town of Oshawa. In 1895 the matter began to assume proportions of public discussion. In 1899 Mr. John Cowan made a proposal to the County of Ontario […]

Oshawa, Ontario – The Thirty Club

A Social Club, The Thirty Club, was organized in 1892 through the efforts of Dr. D. S. Hoig, Larry Maxwell, and Dr. Kaiser ; with an original membership, in addition to these gentlemen, of J. P. Owens, P. H. Penshon, A. Hinds, John Tamblyn, Wm. Lauchland, Father Jeffcott, G. Beck, Robt. McCaw, R. C. Babbott, […]

Oshawa, Ontario – War Effort

During the year 1912, General Samuel Hughes, Minister of Militia and Defense for Canada, agreed to place in the Dominion estimates a sum of money towards erecting an Armoury in Oshawa. Dr. Kaiser and Col. J. F. Grierson were appointed to select a site, and immediately secured options upon the property now occupied for the […]

Oshawa, Ontario – Who Owned The Farms In East And West Whitby

On the shelves of the Ontario Historical Association, Normal School building, Toronto, there is a most interesting old book, entitled Warton’s Directory for the year 1836. The author, a member of this Association, has compiled from this directory the following list of names, giving the number of the lot and the concession upon which these […]

Oshawa, Ontario – The Canada Directory

—A flourishing incorporated village in the Township of Whitby and County of Ontario, 2 1/2 miles from Sydenham Harbor, on Lake Ontario. A large business is done in the produce of the country, and the place is especially celebrated for flour of a very superior brand. Several large factories also have been established, particularly the […]

Oshawa, Ontario – Schools

The children of the early settlers in and around Oshawa received their education in a very primitive way and in very humble quarters. The school houses were mostly constructed after the log-house style, and were maintained on the co-operative principle. The parents of a dozen or so of children would agree among themselves as to […]

Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan – Sault Sainte Marie In The War Of 1812-15

” The trampled earth returns a sound of fear, A hollow sound as if I walked on tombs, And lights that tell of cheerful homes appear Far of, and die like hope amid the glooms, A mournful wind acroes the landscape flies, And the wide atmosphere is full of sighs.” BRYANT, In the beginning of […]

Oshawa, Ontario – Churches

In glancing over the history of Oshawa and the vicinity surrounding it, there is no character which rests upon the eye more picturesquely than that of the Rev. Robert H. Thornton. As we contemplate this cultured and refined gentleman of Scottish birth, a missionary of the Presbyterian Church, looking over a field of work, in […]

Oshawa, Ontario – Christian Church And An Episode Of 1837

At Darlington in the year 1825 was held the first Christian Conference, in the Province of Ontario. Several years previously Christian Ministers from the State of New York, took a friendly interest in the religious welfare of this district. Visits had been paid by Elders McIntyre, Church, Goff, Blodjet, and Shaw ; the latter with […]

Oshawa, Ontario – Early Oshawa

In the year 1842, the place now known as the town of Oshawa was composed of a few scattered houses, two hotels, and three general stores. The principal store was conducted by Edward Skea, a Scotchman from the town of Leith who had entered into partnership with a fellow-countryman by the name of MacDonald, and […]