Niagara River – The Old Niagara Frontier

WHAT has been loosely called the ” Niagara Frontier” embraces all the beautiful stretch of territory south of Lakes Ontario and Erie, extending westward quite to Cleveland, the Forest City on the latter lake. It would be difficult to point to a tract of country in all America the history of which is of more […]

Niagara River – From La Salle To De Nonville

RECEIVING authority to explore the Mississippi to its mouth, as well as a grant made in 1675 of Fort Frontenac and surrounding lands as a seigniory, La Salle returned from France in 1678, and began the wonderful career that will hand Lis name down through countless years as the greatest explorer in the annals of […]

Niagara River – Niagara Under Three Flags

THE abdication of De Nonville at Niagara marks, as nothing else perhaps can, the rise of English influence along the Lakes and among the crafty Iroquois. Slowly but surely this influence made itself felt among the Six Nations in the attempt to swing the entire current of the fur trade from the north-west through the […]

Niagara River – A Century Of Niagara Cranks

THE swirling waters of Niagara have ever been a challenge to a vast army of adventurers who found in their own daring heedlessness a means here of gaining money and a mushroom glory. Of all these ” Niagara Cranks,” as they are known locally, the tight-rope walkers undoubtedly have the strongest claim to our admiration […]

Niagara River – Niagara Bond And Free

No one acquainted with the Niagara of today can imagine what were the conditions existing here before the days of the New York State Reservation and Queen Victoria Park. That old Niagara of private ownership, with a new fee for every point of vantage, was a barbarous incongruity only matched by the wonder and beauty […]

Niagara River – Harnessing Niagara Falls

LORD KELVIN, when visiting Niagara Falls, was not moved by that which appeals to the ordinary tourist, the roaring of the cataract, the waters in their mad rush from the Falls to the whirlpool and thence to Lake Ontario, nor the mists rising night and day from the waters churned into foam. For him, Niagara […]

Niagara River – Buffalo And The Upper Niagara

THE Strait of Niagara, or the Niagara River, as it is commonly called, ranks among the wonders of the world. The study of this stream. is of intense and special interest to many classes of people, notably historians, archaeologists, botanists, geologists, artists, mechanics, and electricians. It is doubtful if there is anywhere another thirty-six miles […]

Niagara River – The Birth Of Niagara

GEOLOGIC time presents to the scientist one of the most difficult problems with which he has to deal. When the different diyisions into which he would divide the ages are numbered by thousands and even millions of years, the human mind is appalled at the prospect; and when the calculations of different geologists vary by […]

Niagara River – The Hero Of Upper Canada

GENERAL ISAAC BROCK, the Hero of Upper Canada, was the kind of man men delight to honour – honest, capable, ambitious, faithful, kind. Nothing less than a tremendous gorge, such as separates Queenston from Lewiston Heights, could keep the people of one nation from knowing and loving this hero of another; since Brock’s day this […]

Niagara River – From The Falls To Lake Ontario

THESE American rivers of ours have their messages, historical, economic, and social, to both reader and loiterer. And, too, are not these streams so very much alive that through the years their personalities remain practically unchanged, while generations of loiterers come and go on forever? Are not the eccentricities of these great living forces forever […]