Canada – Montreal

In point of size and commerce the importance of Montreal, with an estimated population of 456,000, stands easily first. Situated on the St. Lawrence, at the junction of that river with the Ottawa River, it occupies a most important strategical position from the point of view of commerce, and its surroundings are most picturesque. The […]

Montreal Squares And Parks

Montreal is but moderately well off in the way of public squares, although the magnificent Mountain Park, in the rear of the city, makes up for any shortcomings elsewhere. Of the public squares reserved as refreshing resting-places in the midst of the city, Dominion Square is by far the largest and most beautiful, and around […]

Modern Montreal

Events that are described, or depicted, in this chapter, are of such proximate happening that a strict following in chronological order is hardly necessary. A start may be made, however, with the opening of the Victoria Tubular Bridge across the St. Lawrence on August 25th, 1860. The bridge held first place amongst the engineering works […]

Montreal Sports And Pastimes

Interesting as Montreal may be in historical recollections, in fine buildings, and in beautiful parks and surroundings, it is the health-giving properties of the climate and the innumerable attractions of outdoor life that give to the city its principal charm. One instinctively associates the word ” Canada ” with vigour, health and sport; maybe from […]

Montreal And The Environs

Montreal is credited with being more extensive than it is in reality, for the outlying parts, that are generally included when speaking of” Montreal,” are, in many cases, entirely distinct cities or towns. Taking the various suburbs, in order, from east to west (with a brief mention of their chief points of interest), we find […]

Montreal Under French Rule

Prior to the year 1535 the history of Montreal is but largely conjecture. The chief cause of its first settlement was, no doubt, the wonderful fertility of the island, together with its position as regards the waterways of the country; to the east being a broad, safe river leading to the great gulf; while to […]