Hamilton, Ontario – Hamilton Beach Manufactufing Industries

We have now leached a point in this brief article when it can Le truly said that we have arrived at the central point around which the prosperity of the entire community revolves, viz., her manufacturing industries. No other Canadian city has won for itself the industrial celebrity that Hamilton has attained as the hub […]

Hamilton, Ontario – Introduction

Hamilton, Ontario, familiarly know n as the Birmingham of Canada, covers an area of about 4,700 acres, and is situated upon a plain that rises gradually from the shores of Hamilton Bay, a beautiful land-locked harbor at the western end of Lake Ontario. Tradition informs us that the first white man to set root on […]

Hamilton, Ontario – City Hospital

The City Hospital, situated on the corner of Barton street and Victoria avenue, covers about five acres of ground, upon which there are erected eight buildings. One of these was built to commemorate the jubilees of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, being furnished throughout by philanthropic citizens. We are under the impression that this is the […]

Hamilton, Ontario – Hamilton And Barton Incline Along Bay Front Shipping Facilities

Hamilton’s geographical position at the head of Lake Ontario affords the best shipping facilities to the Northwest Provinces and European markets by water, while her railway facilities are not excelled by any city in the Dominion. The Grand Trunk Railway System (the Southern, Northern and Northwestern Railways converge at this point), the C. P. R., […]

Hamilton, Ontario – Pavements

The Works Department of the City of Hamilton has solved a question that is perplexing a great many American cities, viz., pavements, and in the tar macadam, which is now being laid on many of the principal streets, they have a pavement almost equal to that of Bermuda asphalt at about one-fifth the cost, and […]

Hamilton, Ontario – Electric Power

Hamilton within the last five years has solved a problem which has been of great interest and assistance to manufacturers, viz., the transmission of electricity for a great distance and at a high voltage for power purposes. When the question of utilizing the waters of DeCe• Falls, coming over the Niagara escarpment at a point […]

Hamilton, Ontario – At Dundurn Public Parks

The Park system is very complete, Dundurn Castle and Park being the principal and most beautiful public resort in the city. The ruins of the stone breastwork built in the troublous times of 1812 by Mr. Beasley may still be seen in the western part overlooking the bay, when the Americans undertook to annex Canada, […]

Hamilton, Ontario – Educational Facilities

The facilities for acquiring an education in the City of Hamilton ranks high. There are about thirteen schools, all built of brick or stone, and almost as many smaller schools in outlying sections. There are about 7,500 children in attendance, under the instruction of about two hundred teachers, and the whole system being under the […]

Hamilton, Ontario – Gore Park Fire Department

Hamilton has one of the most efficient fire departments in the Dominion, and it has reached that state of effectiveness that almost borders on absolute performances in some directions have gained for it a continental reputation. There are three stations in the centre of the city and four in the ontlying districts, so situated as […]

Hamilton, Ontario – Central Market Hamilton Of Today

It is not our intention to trace in detail the gradual development of the city since its incorporation in the year 1847, but rather to give the reader some distinct idea of what the City of Hamilton is today as a manufacturing, commercial and educational centre, and as a desirable place for the safe and […]