Canada – Education

BY the provisions of the British North America Act the conduct of Education was left under the control of the provinces. That being so, there is necessarily a slight difference in the various systems followed, but taking it broadly the system pervading Canada is based on the principle of free education, out of funds supplied […]

Canada – Rural Education

In dealing with a country like Canada, the educationist must always keep before him the fact that the vast majority of children in rural schools will be employed on the Land. It is, therefore, of the first importance to instil into their minds as early as possible in the school career a love of the […]

Canada – The Macdonald Institutes

With the organisation of these manual training departments in rural schools came the demand for well-trained teachers to supervise them, and this was met by Sir William Macdonald’s generous foundation of two large buildings at the Ontario agricultural college at Guelph for the residence and the training of teachers. There are three departments in the […]

Canada – Universities

The University of Toronto and McGill University, Montreal, are in the front rank of educational institutions on the American continent, and their renown as seats of learning, equipped and maintained according to a high standard of efficiency, has spread far and wide. They have on their staffs trained men of talent who have not only […]

Education for Citizenship in Canada

IDEAL citizenship may never be reached, though an approach to it may, but it can only come through education. Already there are indications of improvement in this regard, especially as it pertains to patriotism and probably also with respect to loyalty, though Canadian loyalty has ever been of a high order. With regard to patriotism […]

Toronto Normal School – Years Of Transition

R. JOHN HERBERT SANGSTER, Mathematical and Science Master in the Normal School since 1858, succeeded T. J. Robertson as principal. Dr. Sangster was thoroughly acquainted with the institution, having been a student of the first session, and a teacher in the Model School. A prodigous worker, he had taught, had prepared text-books on Algebra, Arithmetic, […]

Toronto Normal School – Between Two Wars

ALTHOUGH THE IMPOSING BUILDING on Gould Street was usually known as the Normal School, the School itself had very early been relegated to premises in the rear. The towered south block was occupied by the Education Offices, by the Depository, by an art gallery, by a museum, by the Art School, by the Ontario Historical […]

Toronto Normal School – Turn Of The Century

WE MAY, THEREFORE, as the Alumni of this institution [Toronto Normal School] … rejoice to-night that its influence has been felt in every corner of Ontario, and possibly of the Dominion, and as loyalty to the country was always an essential part of our instruction, I now propose that we begin the proceedings of this […]

Toronto Normal School

THE PROGRAMME OF THE Centenary Celebration of the Toronto Normal School centred around two main events: first, a dinner in Simpson’s Arcadian Court on the evening of October 24, 1947, when six hundred and fifty graduates and friends gathered to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of the School; and second, a reception attended by some […]

Toronto Normal School – Today

FOR six years the shadow of the Second Great War lay on the Toronto Normal School. First came the tragic loss of Thornton Mustard. Then came the enlistment of graduates in the armed forces, with tidings from time to time and from distant lands of former students who had made the supreme sacrifice. One of […]