Canada – The ” All Red ” Route

WITH the object of bringing into close communication the various parts of the Empire, an idea has been mooted in Canada which has found great favour in Australia and New Zealand. It is that an ” All Red ” series of steamships should be inaugurated between England, Australia, and New Zealand, via Canada and the […]

Canada – Water Powers

It has been pointed out by experts that a check to the earlier and greater use of water power was given at the end of the eighteenth century by the invention of the steam engine which revolutionised industrial conditions at that time. A greater revolution is taking place by the utilization of water power to […]

Canada – Navigable Rivers

A glance at a map of Canada is sufficient to indicate that the country enjoys an enormous advantage in the matter of water transport, and to render’ it easy of belief that the Dominion controls nearly one-half of all the fresh waiter on the globe. The question of transportation is one of the utmost importance […]

Canadian Agriculture by Province

IN 1900 the crop value of the agriculture of Canada was 195,000,000 dollars. In 1909 it was 533,000,000 dollars. In this bald fact is to be found a gauge of Canada’s prospect. The Dominion, with her broad prairies, her virgin soil, her uncounted forests of timber, and her resources of other kinds must remain chiefly […]

Canada – Live-stock Records

Until within comparatively recent years, there was no uniform Live Stock Record in existence in Canada. Various associations were in existence in the provinces, and books of record established, but the greater number of such records, and the different standards set up, caused much confusion and inconvenience to breeders and farmers. To aid in remedying […]

Canada – Department Of Agriculture

For a great measure of her success in producing and marketing her food stuffs, Canada has to thank her Department of Agriculture, presided over by the Honour-able Sydney Fisher. Created in 1851 as the ” Bureau of Agriculture and Statistics of Upper and Lower Canada,” it ultimately became a distinct department, and after various changes […]

Canada – Experimental Farms

In 1884 the committee appointed by the Canadian House of Commons to inquire into the best means of developing the agricultural resources of Canada suggested the establishment of experimental farms. At the time of the report the committee stated that very little attention was paid by the Canadian farmer to the selection of seed and […]

Canada – Fruit Farming

While it is true that fruit can be grown successfully in a great many parts of Canada, practically nothing is done in the way of fruit farming in either of the prairie provinces. The industry is confined mainly to Nova Scota, Ontario, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. The fruit gardens of Canada at present are […]

Canada’s Manufactures

A COUNTRY SO liberally endowed with natural resources as Canada, and possessing also the abundant water-power that exists at so many advantageous points, could not fail to become the home of a number of important industries. Canadians have all along been fully alive to the importance of utilizing the resources at hand, and it is […]

Canada – Posts And Telegraphs

THE Government of the Dominion assumed the control of the postal service at the time of Confederation, and since that period the business of the Post Office Department has steadily grown to large proportions. In 1868 there were 3,638 post offices in operation, while in 1909 the number had increased to 12,479. The letters posted […]