Canada – The ” All Red ” Route

WITH the object of bringing into close communication the various parts of the Empire, an idea has been mooted in Canada which has found great favour in Australia and New Zealand. It is that an ” All Red ” series of steamships should be inaugurated between England, Australia, and New Zealand, via Canada and the […]

Canada – Fisheries

THIS is one of the most important natural resources of the Dominion, providing employment for a large population, and when it is said that the value of the catch of fish (including seals) during 1908 was over 25,000,000 dollars, and that the capital invested in the industry is 15,000,000 dollars, little more is needed to […]

Canadian Pacific Railway

The Canadian Pacific Railway is an outcome of the Confederation of Canada ; or, rather, of the admission of British Columbia into the Union, it being laid down, as one of the conditions on which that province entered the Dominion, that a railway should be constructed from the east of the Rocky Mountains to the […]

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway

The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company, which was incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1903, has undertaken the construction and operation of a line across Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, of an estimated mileage of main line of 3,600 miles, in addition to several branch lines. A subsidiary company, having for its […]

Canada – Victoria Bridge And St. Clair Tunnel

No history of the Grand Trunk Railway would be complete without special reference to those great engineering achievements the construction of the Victoria Bridge at Montreal, and the St. Clair Tunnel under the St. Clair river between Canada and the United States from Sarnia to Port Huron. In the year 1859 there were no means […]

Shipping On The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes, which term must be understood to apply to those belonging to the St. Lawrence system, are of such dimensions that they might well be termed inland seas. Lake Superior has a length of 420 miles, and its average breadth is 80 miles, the total area being 31,420 square miles. Lake Michigan is […]

Canada – Conservation Of Natural Resources

THE question of the conservation of natural resources is one which has loomed large in the public eye for some time past, and it will be interesting to show what steps Canada has been taking with a view to promote the scientific development and conservation of the natural resources of the great Dominion. In October, […]

Canada – Canal Systems

In the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, Canada possesses apart from other navigable rivers, a magnificent system of waterways which have been rendered more valuable as a means of communication and transportation by an elaborate system of canals. The importance of establishing such a canal system can be readily seen from the fact […]

Canada – Water Powers

It has been pointed out by experts that a check to the earlier and greater use of water power was given at the end of the eighteenth century by the invention of the steam engine which revolutionised industrial conditions at that time. A greater revolution is taking place by the utilization of water power to […]

Canada – Navigable Rivers

A glance at a map of Canada is sufficient to indicate that the country enjoys an enormous advantage in the matter of water transport, and to render’ it easy of belief that the Dominion controls nearly one-half of all the fresh waiter on the globe. The question of transportation is one of the utmost importance […]