Canada – Defence Militia

To seek the origin of the Canadian militia one must go back to the days when Canada was peopled by trappers and fighters who lived in a constant state of warfare with Indians, and of necessity were able to use their arms in self-defence. The first military organisation took place in the province of Quebec […]

Wolfe And Gray’s Elegy

MANY good people resent any review of the facts about a picturesque incident as a wanton attempt to lay sacrilegious hands on what they secretly fear is almost too good to be true. And I am well aware that, in this very matter of Wolfe and Gray’s Elegy, I have been repeatedly held up to […]

Canada – The Second American Invasion

ALL true Canadians will be glad to learn that a great and long-standing national reproach has now been fittingly removed. During no less than one hundred and twenty-seven years—from 1775 to 1902-nothing had been done to mark the spot where Canada stood at bay against the combined assault of Montgomery and Arnold on Quebec. Yet […]

Canada – Defense

HAVING spent a hundred years working out a system of government almost perfect in its democracy, and having spent fifty more years working out a system of trade and transportation that gives Canada sixth rank in the gross foreign trade of the world nations—one would think the Dominion entitled to lie back resting on her […]

The Second Battle Of Ypres – A Gate Four Miles Wide

But however stubbornly the two Highland battalions might hold their impossible salient and however skilfully and steadily the 13th and the Buffs might effect the re-formation of the line and extend towards St. Julien, there remained a four-mile gap to the Yser Canal. This was not the case of a line bent or cracked or […]

Chronological Account Of The Great World War – 1915

Jan. 1.—British battleship Formidable sunk by a submarine in the English Channel. Jan. 2.—Dar-es-Salaam, German fort in East Africa, bombarded by British. Jan. 3.—Capture of Steinbach, Alsace, by the French. Turks defeated by the Russians near Ardahan. Jan. 4.—The Hamburg-American liner Dacia is admitted to United States Register. Jan. 5.—Heavy fighting in Alsace. Jan. 6.—Germans […]

The First Division In France – At The Front

Now that the war zone has been reached, it will not be amiss to sketch what had so far happened in Flanders since the outbreak of hostilities ; for with that theatre of operations, for many weary, tragic months were to be linked up the fortunes of the gallant 1st Canadian Division. Little did the […]

The First Division In France – The Battle Of Neuve Chapelle

March 10th was the day set for a big battle framed up to take place on the Canadians’ right, opposite the village of Neuve Chapelle. A few weeks earlier General Joffre, the French commander, had inaugurated in the Champagne country a system of ” nibbling ” at the enemy’s line. ” Nibbling ” meant massing […]

The First Division In France – In The Ypres Salient

After the Battle of Neuve Chapelle the Canadians were marched to Estaires, where they spent some time in rest billets. Here they were trained daily in trench fighting, with the expectation that they would again go into action about Neuve Chapelle. While they were at Estaires they had their first sight of a Zeppelin observation […]