Canada – Defence Militia

To seek the origin of the Canadian militia one must go back to the days when Canada was peopled by trappers and fighters who lived in a constant state of warfare with Indians, and of necessity were able to use their arms in self-defence. The first military organisation took place in the province of Quebec […]

Canada – The Second American Invasion

ALL true Canadians will be glad to learn that a great and long-standing national reproach has now been fittingly removed. During no less than one hundred and twenty-seven years—from 1775 to 1902-nothing had been done to mark the spot where Canada stood at bay against the combined assault of Montgomery and Arnold on Quebec. Yet […]

Wolfe And Gray’s Elegy

MANY good people resent any review of the facts about a picturesque incident as a wanton attempt to lay sacrilegious hands on what they secretly fear is almost too good to be true. And I am well aware that, in this very matter of Wolfe and Gray’s Elegy, I have been repeatedly held up to […]

Canada – Defense

HAVING spent a hundred years working out a system of government almost perfect in its democracy, and having spent fifty more years working out a system of trade and transportation that gives Canada sixth rank in the gross foreign trade of the world nations—one would think the Dominion entitled to lie back resting on her […]

The Second Battle Of Ypres – A Gate Four Miles Wide

But however stubbornly the two Highland battalions might hold their impossible salient and however skilfully and steadily the 13th and the Buffs might effect the re-formation of the line and extend towards St. Julien, there remained a four-mile gap to the Yser Canal. This was not the case of a line bent or cracked or […]

Food Control

WHEN the war broke out in 1914, Germany, with her usual thoroughness, and as part of the campaign, had a carefully thought out programme of food control in readiness, and an organization,, nation-wide in extent, was immediately. set on foot. German economists had been at work on the problem for some years, in fact, and […]

Fuel Control

THE control of the supply of fuel was one of the war problems, and, indeed, it continued to be an after-the-war problem. There was the promise of a shortage of coal in 1916; that is, there were preliminary symptoms of what about the beginning of the New Year of 1918 became a coal crisis. It […]

Chronological Account Of The Great World War – 1915

Jan. 1.—British battleship Formidable sunk by a submarine in the English Channel. Jan. 2.—Dar-es-Salaam, German fort in East Africa, bombarded by British. Jan. 3.—Capture of Steinbach, Alsace, by the French. Turks defeated by the Russians near Ardahan. Jan. 4.—The Hamburg-American liner Dacia is admitted to United States Register. Jan. 5.—Heavy fighting in Alsace. Jan. 6.—Germans […]

The First Division In France – At The Front

Now that the war zone has been reached, it will not be amiss to sketch what had so far happened in Flanders since the outbreak of hostilities ; for with that theatre of operations, for many weary, tragic months were to be linked up the fortunes of the gallant 1st Canadian Division. Little did the […]