Canada – Quebec

Over-past in the race for wealth and commerce by its pushing neighbour, Montreal, the old city of Quebec stands apart and most deeply fascinating for the lover of the picturesque and the student of history. Quebec is purely French—French in its buildings, in its churches, in its people ; French in its whole atmosphere. The buildings nearly all convey to the mind the fact that one is in an old-fashioned French town. The people are more courteous and less hustling than their neighbours of Montreal. They have the air of men who say, ” Enough is as good as a feast.” Around the old city is a massive wall redolent of the stories of bygone years, for Quebec has stood five sieges, from the land, from the river, and has held at bay the savagery of the Indians. Raising one’s eyes above the city one sees the height of Cape Diamond crowned by the vast citadel once called the key to Canada. Planned by a French Canadian, De Lery, and built by the order of the Duke of Wellington at a cost of $5,000,000, the citadel is a monument to the engineering skill of the time, though by no means suitable for a defensive work today.