Canada – Halifax

Halifax, the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, occupies a commanding position as the most easterly seaport of Canada and rejoices in possessing one of the world’s finest natural harbours. The city is the eastern terminus of the Inter-colonial Railway, by which it is connected up with the other great railway systems of the Dominion, and is otherwise well served by provincial lines. While, perhaps, no longer an Imperial naval and military station of the first importance, a garrison is still maintained by the Canadian government and the vessels of the newly-formed Canadian Naval Service will make this their principal Atlantic base. As a commercial port open all the year round, Halifax is bound to prosper by reason of its excellent geographical position, and there are already, in addition to regular steamship services with the United Kingdom, sailings to the West Indies, Newfound-land and eastern United States ports. Besides being the greatest entrepôt of the fish trade of Canada, the city is a manufacturing centre of importance, while it also claims to be a desirable place of residence owing to the social and educational advantages it enjoys. The present population is about 45,000.