Burlington Public Library Committee

At a meeting of the Public School Trustees of School Section No. 1, Nelson, held in the school-house, Brant Street, in January, 1872, at which were present Trustees Wm. Bunton, Benjamin Eager and Wm. Kerns, the question of establishing a library for use of the school section was discussed, and a resolution passed that the trustees pur chase a supply of suitable books from the Board of Education at Toronto. A committee was appointed, and in March following the sum of $56 was spent in books, etc., which were placed in the reception hallway at the school-house. The trustees appropriated a further sum of $25 in 1873. These were the initial movements towards founding a library, and seem to have satisfied the people for some time, as no further grants were made until January, 1883, when $33 was granted and expended. In 1884 an entertainment was given by the teachers and scholars, at which $50 was raised and supplemented by a grant from the Trustee Board of a like amount. The trustees appointed Dr. Richardson, 0. T. Springer and James Allen a committee to expend $100 for books. By resolution of the Board the above-named trustees were constituted a Library Committee for the remainder of the year. The last annual report, December 31, 1901, shows further increase, the number of volumes in library is now 2,075, with issue of 5,136 for previous twelve months. The Presidential chair has been occupied since incorporation by the following gentlemen (some of whom have served several terms), in the order of their names : W. H. Finnemore, Dr. Wm. Richardson, W. F. W. Fisher, 0. T. Springer, F. W. Galloway. The present Board is : F. W. Galloway, President ; Directors, W. F. W. Fisher, 0. T. Springer, H. T. Foster, Joseph Acland, V. H. Peart, Mr. Godwin, A. Boynton ; Librarian, Edward Weber. The library and reading room are open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings for exchange of books and other business. Terms of subscription for each member, 50 cents per annum.