Burlington, Ontario – Officers Of The Burlington Fruit-growers Association

Geo. Fisher, Esq., Hon. President Burlington Horticultural Society, is one of the largest fruit growers in the Burlington District and one of the most useful men. He has done much for the fruit growers, having originated the idea of shipping fruit to the old country, which has been in force for fifteen years. He was for ten years member of the County Council and would be yet only he has too many calls on his precious time. He is the originator of instituting an officer to examine the books of the County Council. He is recognized by all as a worthy citizen and a practical business man.

A. W. Peart, B.A., the energetic President of the Burlington Horticultural Society, is a member of one of the oldest and most prominent families in Halton County. Born on the family homestead he finished his education at the Toronto University, where he graduated as B.A., after which he showed his eminent good sense by returning to the scenes of his youth, and taking up fruit growing in a thoroughly scientific manner. His homestead, ” The Maples,” has become the Burlington Experimental Station as a result of Mr. Peart’s profound knowledge of fruit growing in every branch, coupled with the fact that the land is in every way suitable as regards location and soil. For the last ten years Mr. Peart has devoted the winter months to lecturing on Horticultural subjects in every part of the Province of Ontario under the auspices of the Farmers’ Institute. Notwithstanding Mr. Peart’s scholarly attainments he has not. grown away from the people, and his great popularity has caused him to be nominated twice for the Council, which honor he declined. He is well known to be skilful in organization, powerful with the pen, and eloquent with the tongue.

William Fisher, Esq., Secretary-Treasurer of the Burlington Horticultural Society, carries on fruit growing and dairying extensively, takes an active interest in the Fruit Growers’ Association and the Public Library. He is also an energetic worker in the Methodist Church. In everything that he undertakes he distinguishes himself by his systematic and practical thoroughness.

J. S. Freeman, Esq., Vice-President of the Burlington Horticultural Society, is a great fruit grower, in fact he may be called the pioneer of fruit growing in the Burlington District. For ten years in succession the fruit growers met at his house to pack the fruit which obtained on every occasion the first prize at the Toronto Industrial Exhibition. He takes a great interest in church matters, and is one of the leading men in the district.