Burlington, Ontario – Greengill Stock Farm

Is beautifully situated at Nelson Village, three-and-a-half miles north of Burlington station, and owned by R. Mitchell & Sons, and is becoming famous for its high-class Short-Horn cattle, which have in the past few years increased both in quality and numbers, until now eighty head of the choicest cattle are to be found there, where they have a run of 400 acres of land, and the demand has been so great that the question is not how and where will the annual surplus be sold, but how can enough be kept on hand to supply the customers who come from all parts of the Dominion, while the best buyers come from all parts of the United States who are willing to pay large prices. To replace what have been sold and keep up the high standing of the herd, importations are made annually from the leading herds of England and Scotland, and are personally selected by a junior member of the firm ; at the same time, always being in the market in Ontario for the best females that can be got, which are bought regardless of cost, which is not being considered boom prices by any means, as the quick advance in prices in past two years is caused by a general demand. As all the different breeds have been given a fair trial it is now generally conceded that the pure-bred Short-Horn and the Short-Horn grade are the most profitable for the stockman and farmer.