Burlington, Ontario – Facts Relating To The Poplars

LOCATION.—In the Township of Nelson, one mile from Burlington Junction.

PURCHASE.—Purchased from the Brant family about 90 years .ago by the late Samuel Dynes, and has remained in the possession of some member of the Dynes family continuously ever since.

SOIL.—Clay and gravel loam, admirably adapted for the production of grain, stock raising and fruit.

SIZE.—This farm comprises 100 acres ; 25 acres of which is devoted to fruit, the balance to mixed husbandry.

FRUIT.—Consists of 250 apple trees, 150 pear, 600 plum, 300 cherry, 500 grape vines, 1,200 currant bushes, with the exception of 50 apple trees all has been planted within the last 13 years, and is now either bearing or coming into bearing ; in addition, strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes are grown to the extent of several acres.

AVERAGE PRODUCTS.—Apples, 150 barrels ; pears, 30 barrels ; plums, 500 baskets ; cherries, 100 baskets ; grapes, 4 tons ; raspberries, 4,000 quarts ; currants, 5,000 quarts ; strawberries, 8,000 •quarts.

GRAIN.—The usual cereals, such as wheat, oats, barley and corn .are grown, together with hay, all of which is fed on the farm and marketed in the form of beef, dairy products and pork. •

STOCK.—The usual stock consists of 4 horses, 20 cattle and 25 hogs.

CREAMERY.—Situated near a creamery, the ideal system for this locality seems to be dairy products, pork and fruit.